Electric heating for your whole life

Forhit is a combination of intelligence, comfort and maximum reliability. Our unique heating control in combination with the right radiators creates the most economical heating thanks to sophisticated control mechanisms. Our electric heating technically and technologically meets the strictest requirements and standards.

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What makes FORHIT electric heating special?

It has a unique control system that can maintain the set temperature using minimum power
Due to intelligent mechanisms, it is the most economical heating on the market
Eliminates the overload of the electrical network by guarding the set limits for individual electrical phases, while maintaining the heat output of the heating
It has unlimited power consumption and is therefore suitable for all types of installations
Maximum comfort ensured by simple control from the mobile phone via the application
Unlike conventional thermostats, it is quiet, as it uses a solid state relay - SSR and thus very powerful and trouble-free

The package contains:

FORHIT intelligent switchgear
Heating units
Professional installation of the entire heating
Lifetime warranty on FORHIT switchgear
Application for Android and IOS
Manual heating controls
Training and user manuals
Professional advice
Temperature and humidity sensors
Application control

Comfort of the application

Convenient operation

Control the most economical heating with your mobile phone and watch how you save on energy.


Set your own rules for each room. You can set up to 4 for each day.


Have you traveled for a long time but want to keep warm? Do you want to have the same temperature in all buildings? The modes are used for this.

Consumption control

See which rooms and days of the month are the most energy efficient.
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A team of experts has developed and improved unique electric heating over 3 years, resulting in the only intelligent heating on the market. The self-learning algorithm records all necessary values (consumption of radiators, consumption of the whole building, floor temperature, room temperature, time required to reach a certain temperature, etc.), based on which it evaluates and gives commands to maintain a constant temperature in the room using minimum power. At the same time, FORHIT serves as protection against electrical network overload and protection against thermal damage to the floor.

FORHIT is a heating control to which all circuits of radiators and sensors for measuring room, floor and outdoor temperature are connected. FORHIT consists of control modules, semiconductor contactors (SSR) and a real-time clock. These control modules together with SSR contactors form individual zones (living room, kitchen, room, etc.), which communicate with each other via their own LonWorks network.

You will provide us with project documentation and we will provide you with a complete solution controlled by the application in your mobile.

FORHIT is a distributed system. It can consist of any number of zones. One zone is usually one room. If the electrical power of one zone is not enough, it is possible to use more zones for one room. Each zone contains a maximum of three circuits. Each circuit is connected to a different phase and is protected by a 6.3A fuse. Power consumption for one circuit is max. 1.2 kW, for one zone with three phases it is a maximum of 3.6 kW.

One zone contains:

- 1x controller (FORHIT-REGW, FORHIT-REG)
- 1x room thermometer (FORHIT-T, FORHIT-TO, FORHIT-TW, FORHIT-TOW)
- 1x FORHIT-STD floor thermometer

The whole system must contain at most:

- 1x RTCC module, or RTCC-OUT if FORHIT-REGW controllers are used


Dimensions: 680 x 410 x 100 mm (h / w / d)
Weight: 12 kg
1. The FORHIT-LAN module is used to connect to a home computer network or
directly to the tablet resp. mobile phone.

2. The FORHIT -OUT2 module controls the switching on of the individual electrical circuits so that the total permitted current on the individual phases is not exceeded. Contains a real time clock.

3. The LWTRM contains an access point for service access to the system.

4. The 24V DC power supply is used to supply the FORHIT modules in the switchboard, as well as
control modules located in installation boxes.

5. Digital electricity meter for measuring consumption.

6. SSR (Solid State Relay) contactless switching of electrical circuits.

7. Connection terminals for LON network and power supply for FORHIT-REGW modules.

8. Fuse terminals for connecting individual heating circuits.

9. Power supply 24V DC.

10. Main power switch. Does not turn off the 24V DC power supply. The 24V DC power supply can be switched off with a fuse box on the terminal board.
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The highest standard of safety

Heat sensor in the floor

It measures the floor temperature and protects it from exceeding the maximum temperature.

Intelligent algorithm

He can learn the necessary power to reach the desired temperature in the room, the result is a constant temperature - the thermostat can not count on the running temperature and therefore the result is a fluctuating temperature of + - 2 degrees. The algorithm also serves as protection against thermal damage as it guards and controls performance by comparison.

SSR / phasing

The solid state relay guarantees infinite life and silence of the entire system.
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Installation procedure

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